The ONE Degree Difference…

The ONE degree…

No, not your college degree or your doctoral degree.

No, not the one degree it takes to turn water from liquid to vapor (211 to 212 degrees Fahrenheit in case you were wondering).

It’s the one degree of difference, the one degree of impact that YOU have the ability to create in someone’s life; Whether it’s holding the door open, smiling at a stranger, saying, “Hello, how are you today?” to your coworkers, or simply sending a thank you note to a forgotten friend just because.

They say in life that it’s the little things that matter, the small things that make the biggest difference. You know this to be true if you’ve ever tried to fall asleep with a mosquito in a room.

My action step for you today…upgrade your INSPIRATIONAL gage one degree higher and see how powerful you can be in this vast universe, you tiny, powerful human, you.

Hug a stranger, dance in your car as if no one is watching, and pay for the guy’s coffee behind you. 

And as always, keep inspiring.

Pssst! HEY YOU!

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