Principle 2: KNOW Pain, KNOW Gain

We’ve all heard the saying, “NO PAIN, NO GAIN!”

While that mindset may be helpful during intense sporting matches, how has it served our overall health in society?

When pain shows up, most often we resort to a pill, drink after work, other modalities of choice, or simply ignore it and keep pushing through. What if we instead asked,

“Does this pain have a purpose? What if pain was a catalyst to STOP, LISTEN, and Pay Attention Inside Now (the new P.A.I.N. acronym).”

Your nervous system and spinal cord experience “pain” (physical, emotional, mental, etc.) within the neural tract called Nociception.

So although pain can be annoying, in reality pain is a signal from your body telling you to do something different NOW so it no longer inhibits you from growth, better health, and your future goals.

…Imagine the possibilities of strengthening our relationship with pain and challenges in life…

…This is what Inspire Life practitioners are best at - helping you navigate the stressors and storms, reclaiming the “captain position” of your own beautiful ship of life.

Ready for principle 3? Us too…Patience is a virtue 😉

Stay tuned and as always, keep inspiring!

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