These are a few of my favorite things…

Confession time…

As much fun as it is to fly around like Wonder Woman saving the planet - sometimes the best thing we can do is take off the cape and be a HUMAN BEING.

Now…this doesn’t mean indulging in 5 + cocktails on a Friday night, drowning in our sorrows, and complaining about how much we hate our job (that’s a whole different human story).

Being human means acknowledging that stress is real, mistakes happen, AND life goes on. Being human means taking care of our bodies, our minds, and our spirits not only when things get stressful, but also BEFORE challenges arise.

So in the spirit of spring, here are a few of my favorite strategies that allow me to be both human and Wonder Woman when I choose:

  • Bullet Proof Coffee: 1 tbsp ghee + 1 tbsp MCT Oil –> Blend w/ your 8-12oz morning coffee = Magical Goodness + good fats for your brain
  • 5 Min. Interval Dance Parties: Take a break from your work, turn on your favorite tune, and JAM OUT. Research shows that lateral movement in dance activates the Prefrontal Cortex of the brain. This area deals with executive function/decision making, “big picture” thinking, social behavior, and higher consciousness.
  • Gift your Nervous System an Upgrade: What better way to live life at 100% than to check in with the system that helps us experience life? This is what Inspire Life practitioners help practice members with is making sure their iOS (“internal operating system”) is functioning at max capacity to adapt to all stressors of life.
  • Art & Music: In a “left-brain, logistic-number-dominated” world, it’s extremely important to allow our brains to shift into the artistic, creative space a few times a day. When we consciously choose to use different parts of our brain, we begin to create new neural-networks and patterns that can lead to improved function, better focus, improved sleep, and increased ability to calmly work with others.
    • Sing, dance, play a musical instrument, draw, pottery, paint, take a walk in nature, garden/work with plants, cook, knitting, crafts, meditate - ALL are wonderful ways to give your brain a break from the tasks of the day
  • Inhale…Exhale…REPEAT: If you’re not breathing properly, you’re probably not living the life you deserve. Low and slow is a great first step (unless you’re being chased by a lion, of course).
  • YOGA, Meditation, and Mindfulness: stay tuned for more blogs on how powerful integrating Yoga, Meditation, and Chiropractic can be for our well-being

Try ’em on for size and keep inspiring!

Thank you for reading the Inspire Life blog