“Do I have to keep going forever?”

When it comes to chiropractic care (or any health strategy, really), often times what deters people from starting is the concern that once they start, they have to keep going forever. This concern is of course valid and also leaves people missing out on the miraculous benefits that chiropractic care provides.

Although this may be an initial concern, what we empower people to remember is that everything comes back to choice. To answer the question simply, “No…of course you don’t have to keep going forever.” In fact, you don’t have to do anything forever. However, if eating veggies, avoiding toxic food, working out, keeping your spine in alignment, yoga, meditation, and a healthy mindset helped you live a higher quality of life and experience miraculous results, why wouldn’t you want to continue?

Let’s take the classic example of brushing your teeth. Dentists encourage us to floss and brush our teeth twice a day to be preventative. They support this decision regardless if you have cavities or plaque build up (i.e. - perform the action even if you have healthy teeth!). These doctors know our teeth will encounter chemical stress, plaque build-up, and potentially decay and become damaged if we aren’t proactive about our flossing and brushing. So…does this mean we HAVE to keep flossing and brushing forever? Of course not. Does it benefit us and prevent unnecessary future issues - absolutely.

Back to chiropractic - what it really comes down to is STRESS. Stress in life is inevitable simply because we are human. It is through our spine, brain, and nerve system in which we process and adapt to such stress demands, every single moment of every single day. It happens no other way. When this system is functioning properly and in optimal alignment, our ability to adapt to stress and life is optimized. This is why people not only in our office, but other communities around the world CHOOSE chiropractic as a lifestyle regardless of pain or symptoms (as symptoms are only the tip of the iceberg). In fact, a study out of The Journal for Vertebral Subluxation Research found that the longer people were under a course of chiropractic care (specifically Network Spinal Care), the more health benefits they experienced. The research also demonstrated that, “Benefits of chiropractic care (improved physical and mental health) were evident from as early as one month and showed continuing clinical improvements over three years with no indication of a maximum clinical benefit.” Simply put, patients’ healing and continuous progress was limitless within the time frame of the study.

Bodily dis-ease and dysfunction can be present without producing physical symptoms (take cancer as a crude example). Chiropractic helps keep the Neuralspinal system in check so we can best adapt and heal in any circumstance. So while some people choose chiropractic only when things go wrong and/or a problem arises, others choose to be preventive (like flossing and brushing their teeth). We don’t wait until a tooth falls out to see our dentist, right? We don’t wait until our tires are completely rundown to get a tire alignment, right? Why wait until deeper, more chronic issues arise before we get our spine and nerve system checked? And although our teeth and cars our important, we know that the brain and nerve system controls, coordinates, and runs our LIFE.

While doing something “forever” may feel like a bit of a challenge at first, know we are with you along the journey, through every peak and valley, over every bump in the road to help you live your most inspiring, THRIVING life.

Thank you for reading the Inspire Life blog