You are What You EAT!

Summers in Minnesota often consist of days at the lake, hiking, biking, golfing, softball, paddle boarding, kayaking… you get the picture. It also means ice cream cones, slushy’s, burgers, brats and maybe even a beer or two at a barbecue. Plus, let’s not forget we end the summer with the great Minnesota eat together, where you can get just about anything deep fried and/or on a stick.

So, with an influx of foods that can cause inflammation, how do we navigate?

Food is simply energy, but it is also very powerful. I know this first hand as my life went from a place of chronic symptoms to sustained wellness through chiropractic and completely changing my nutrition (click here to check out my story of chiropractic). Understanding how certain foods affect us is important to keep our vitality high. From allergies and food related diseases to bloating and gas, different foods have different effects on different people.

The nervous system is made to handle all stressors imaginable to humankind, including food. That said, it can only handle so much, so keeping things in check both with food and your nervous system can go a long to keep you adaptable, energized, and healthy. Here are some tips to make sure the food you eat keeps you energized, rather than depleting you.

·     Eat as close to the source as possible: The earth provides us with everything we need, so eating raw, whole foods will provide your body with proper nutrition. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, and meats are all staples of a healthy diet.

·     Fats are friends: Eating a diet high in good fats has been shown to have many positive effects on health, including improved skin, bone, and eye health, better brain and immune function, more muscle, decreased inflammation, and even reduced risk of cancer. However, not all fats are created equally. Unrefined animal fats and fats from plants like avocados, olives, and nuts are best, as they contain omega 3 fatty acids which support brain function.

·     Consistency is Key: We all have those days where we eat pizza, ice cream, and drink a few beers. If the majority of what we eat consists of good, high energy food, those meals where we get off track will not affect us nearly as much.

Remember, you always have control over what you consume. At any time, you can make the decision to have a healthy, high energy, nutrient rich meal. That said, we are all human and sometimes we splurge on not so healthy (but oh so tasty) options. The key is not to stress over meals, to detach emotions from eating, and remember that our nervous system is made to handle that ice cream cone here and there. We can always get back on track with our next meal, that’s mindfulness.

I would love to hear about your favorite foods! Please leave a comment or feel free to email me at to exchange recipe ideas.

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