6 Reasons Why Network Spinal is an Optimal Option for Your Child

August is here, which means it’s now or never to get in some summer fun before the snow comes. It is also a great time to develop strategies that will help kids succeed in the upcoming school year. Network Spinal is an awesome way to create internal strategies of navigating stress for adults and kids alike. When school begins and homework and tests mount, a highly functioning and adaptable nervous system will help your child excel. Here are 6 reasons why chiropractic is an excellent option for you and your child.

1.    Immune System Support: Schools are notorious for being places kids transmit colds, coughs, and fevers. Chiropractic facilitates function of the autonomic nervous system, which controls the immune system, so getting checked can help keep your child healthy. When your child is healthy they miss less class, which will ultimately lead to better performance in school. It can boost YOUR immune system in the same exact way!

2.    Falls and Injuries: Any parent can tell you that as soon as children start moving, they start falling. And when they fall they can acquire some gnarly bumps, bruises, and injuries. Chiropractic allows the body to move into a parasympathetic state, and thus continuously heal itself without interruption. Getting checked helps those cuts and bruises heal up in no time!

3.    Colic: When babies cry, it means something is up and they need support. In many cases, what they need is a release within the nervous system to fully express themselves. Studies have shown chiropractic care reduces crying in infants, allowing more sleep for the entire family. Talk about relief!

4.    Working Through Trauma: Birth itself can be (and often is) a traumatic experience for babies. Chiropractic can help children (and adults) process and dissipate stress and tension held in the body from birth. Moving through past stress patterns will allow for greater growth in the present and future.

5.    Healthy Development: The fuller the nervous system can express itself, the easier it can grow and develop. Keeping the system interference free is very beneficial for physical, mental, and emotional development in kids and young adults.

6.    Prevention: When it comes down to it, a nervous system that is overloaded with external stimuli and stress is susceptible to disease. Getting checked keeps the nervous system strong, adaptable, and able to process things as they come, rather than being overwhelmed and shutting down. There is magic in a healthy spine!

To quote one of Dr. Mel’s most influential mentors, Donny Epstein, “The shape, position, tension, and tone of your spine determines the shape, position, tension, and tone of your life.” Let’s do our best to provide kids with the ability to live their lives to the fullest from day one.

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