How to get unSTUCK & FLOURISH this spring

What if I told you that the way to get UNSTUCK in any aspect of your life (physical, career, relationships, family, health, etc.) is to actually learn HOW to be OK with the stuck-ness itself…?

Say WHAT?!
Hear me out…

So often I see people (friends, enigmas, clients, practice members, family) try SO hard to avoid their current reality. They get frustrated, angry, and frankly pissed off at themselves and others which continues to drive them deeper into the stuck-ness mud pit.

Have you been there? OH Yeah…me too. 

Here’s a few simple strategies that I use to help people shift their perspective within the stuck hamster wheel of life and help them access the deeper breakTHROUGH they are truly looking for…

1. Acknowledge that you are actually STUCK. It’s OK to admit this. In fact it can be downright FREEING when you are TRUTHFUL with yourself and where you are at. This type of surrendering can actually help free up the resistance you’re creating within your own bodymind, and in turn allow novel thoughts to come through [perhaps an IDEA/ACTION your brain never would have been able to access because you were being so stubborn 😉 ].

2. Ask yourself - where in my body am I feeling this STUCKness? This is simple, yet powerful. The Western Paradigm has conditioned us to look elsewhere for information about certain conditions, challenges, breakdowns, blocks, etc. We often forget that our bodies have SO much wisdom to share with us every single second. Why not tune in to the whisper before it starts to scream at you and it’s too late?

3. Connect, be still, and breath. Once you find this area within your bodymind, be with it for a moment. Notice the feeling, the sensation, the emotion of the stuckness. Can you pinpoint where it is in your muscles, your skin, your joints, your connective tissue? Breath into that and notice what emerges. You’d be surprised what breakthroughs happen when we just learn to tune in and go within.

Thank you for reading the Inspire Life blog