From 20 mental health medications ???? to living LIFE again - Ashley’s Story of Hope

Ashley’s powerful Story of Hope

What was life like before Inspire Life?

“My life from a young age has been filled with physical abuse; as well as mental and sexual abuse. Much of my journey before Inspire Life was simply trying to survive the years of accumulated trauma. I was sad, angry, and in constant physical and mental pain. I desperately searched for help from all kinds of medical professionals.

I have taken more than 20 mental health medications throughout my life. I have also been hospitalized on five separate occasions for mental health concerns. I’ve participated in multiple out-patient treatments. From age 19 to 28 I exhausted what “modern medicine” has to offer. I was certain I was doomed to a miserable and unhealthy life. Even still I had changed my diet to try to be better. I had a wonderful husband and a stable day by day life finally, but I was only getting worse despite trying so hard.

At 28, I began experiencing the dizziness, nausea, and ear problems. After the difficulty of everything else up to this point, and the new issues stacking, I broke physically, but more notably emotionally. The vast majority of the time I spent in bed desperate to feel better.

For 8 months during this time I did nothing but cry and sleep in between countless doctors appointments, begging them to help me. I eventually ended up having surgery on my ear. I allowed myself to be hopeful that this could finally be the answer. Unfortunately, the surgery didn’t noticeably help and the recovery from that procedure was awful. It lead me to lose more hope. I ultimately gave up hope all together that there was anything else for me.

Almost two years had gone by, and I wasn’t even living my life. I couldn’t even shower alone, drive to the store for groceries are hold down a job. My relationships were virtually nonexistent. I was disconnected and fearful. Throughout this time however, my husband was an incredible support. He approached my one day with a new approach, a path that might help find relief. This path quickly led me to Inspire Life.

Since you began your journey here at Inspire Life, what changes have you noticed?

The first moment I met Dr. Mel and Michael, I knew this would be different. Their warmth and genuine compassion for my situation was an incredible feeling. I felt heard and validated for the first time in this very long journey.

In less than a month at Inspire Life, I’ve made more progress physically and mentally than the rest of my life. Inspire Life gave me hope again. It immediately helped my physical well being. After my first adjustment I was no longer nauseous. My dizziness also began to steadily decrease and it continues to effect me less and less. I have regained hope and motivation in my life. I am also able to drive and shower independently and have significantly more energy as well!

But most importantly, Inspire life showed me I have a future…A bright one where I can find peace, health, and happiness.

I can live my life again. And that is worth the journey.

What is one thing you would share with others who are looking to take that next step in their health and healing journey?

There is no better time than right now to take your health and wellness into your own hands. Inspire Life not only gave me relief from my physical symptoms, but it also filled me with the hope and courage to continue the healing journey. You don’t have to do it alone and you CAN do this.”

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