Inspire Women’s Circle

We invite you to join us for our monthly Inspire Women’s Circle.

 Together, we’re nurturing a conscious community and embracing the lived experiences of women from all seasons of life.

Every month, we’ll hold space for the weaving of our stories, where we’ll find more wisdom that any website, social media page, etc. Our tales hold the power to illuminate paths, heal hearts, and kindle the flame of inspiration in others.

Our chosen topics are as dynamic as our group’s energy, evolving with the flow of the moment. Please invite your friends, moms, daughters, coworkers for an afternoon of genuine connections.

If you’re searching for a community looking to grow together & seek support, this will be your group.

Expect raw, authentic conversations, accompanied by mocktails and snacks.

Please bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit on.

& babies are 100% welcome!