The Myth of Self-Sabotage: 3 Ways to Un-Hijack Your Brain and Embody Your Powerful Self

How many of us get SO close to what it is we want to create & manifest in our lives & then…⁣

???????????????????? We “sabotage our success” & spiral into the shame only to take weeks to recover from the emotional hangover.

We then question ourselves:⁣
What’s wrong with me?⁣
Why do I always do this?⁣
Maybe I need to hire (x,y,z coach, therapist, guru) to fix me.⁣

Well my friends I’m here to tell ya, it’s not always sabotage (& there is nothing inherently “wrong” with you)⁣

This “sabotaging” is actually a default pattern hardwired into our nervous system & it shows up in times of stress. It’s an intelligent response we adopted probably years ago in moments where we couldn’t navigate the demands of life. ⁣

These stress patterns & behaviors don’t just show up when we’re challenged by the past. They also emerge when we’re stepping into the unknown of the future, I.e. our future self we desire to embody more of.

Many of us have never truly met & embodied our “bigger, future, unknown self” because we let these patterns deploy without knowing how to self-soothe & turn off the stress-brain. ⁣

So let’s learn how to unhijack ourselves my friends, OK?⁣

1. Acknowledge When You’ve Defaulted.
Recognition (without judgement) of where we are here & now is the first step to making any pattern change in our life. And if you’re curious to learn your own unique default stress pattern, check out my Virtual Masterclass. ⁣

2. Connect with your feelings.
When you recognize you’re in the sabotage spiral, sense where you feel that fear/emotion in your body. Connect with that part…breathe into it (nose/mouth breath creates safety for the BodyMind).⁣

3. Affirm yourself.
As you breathe, speak these affirmations out loud:⁣

“I have different parts, different rhythms…⁣
“Sometimes I feel big, sometimes I feel small⁣
(Keep breathing)
“Sometimes I feel courageous…sometimes I feel scared⁣
“But HA (belly laugh ????) all these parts are me????.”⁣

The more we can accept & love all parts of our self (our bigness & our humanness) the more we can break FREE from the trauma patterns & step into what we’re truly made of ????

Yours in power,
Dr. Mel


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