Pumpkin Spice your LIFE

“Pumpkin Spice Latte with whip cream on top?”

Think again

I do love a great coconut milk latte (minus all the added artificial syrups and sugars). As we merge into autumn, the trend seems to always be to PUMPKIN-UP your life. Coffee, tea, muffins, bars, pie, candles, oils, lotions…the list seems endless!

Unfortunately, most of the “pumpkin-infused” food or products we consume in the fall doesn’t actually contain real pumpkin (instead, a pumpkin-flavored syrup, spice blend, or chemical of some kind).

HOWEVER - did you know that when we consume REAL pumpkin, we have the ability to experience some AMAZING health benefits?! Including less chemical stress on your gut and nervous system.

Check out these 6 surprising health benefits of pumpkin here!

AND…make sure you save the photo above for my homemade pistachio pumpkin pancakes (gluten free; I get my organic pumpkin from Mississippi Market).

Don’t forget to enter our Pumpkin Contest in the office this month! The two Practice Members who guess closest to the weight of the pumpkin on the ottoman in the reception area win a Fall gift basket!

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