We believe in each individual and their capacity to heal and grow. We also recognize that this work is most effective and inspiring when done in the support of community. We offer many opportunities for connection through workshops, coaching, immersions, and more!

Virtual Masterclass

Join us in this safe space as we discuss how embodiment is the gateway to
breaking through past patterns and tapping in to our inner power.

Embodiment Breakthrough Sessions

Are you ready for a breakthrough in your professional life? Working with me in these session will help you work through the feelings of being stuck, frustrated and out of alignment with your authentic self.

2022 Immersion

Immerse yourself strategies of self-transformation and embodiment that help us cultivate our true sense of self no matter what challenges arise with the support of our team and a sense of community.

SOUL filled Saturday

Join us for our monthly community workshop open to the public on a donation basis. At Inspire Life we believe, know, and witness daily that healing is an inner job that is catalyzed in the presence of community.

Magic of your Moon

Immerse yourself with a group of like-minded women so that you can feel safe, heard, seen, and empowered to sync your body, your mind and the flow of your energies. Harness and embrace the power and magic of your menstrual cycle.