“Pain is no longer who I am…I can live every day positively…I feel like you’ve really helped me.”


“I’m able to focus and overall have a sense of clarity and sustainable energy…My spine is in the drivers seat!”


“Less anxiety, more calm and focused, better sleep, better eating, and getting homework DONE! “

- Wade and Lee T.

From “fussy baby” to ease, peace, and calm from within.

“After getting regular chiropractic care, my headaches have stopped completely. I could focus better and my grades improved. Just being in the room with Dr. Aryn will make your day a little brighter!”

“Under Dr. Aryn’s care, I noticed that my drive in life, overall, had increased and my ability to cope with stress and anxiety was completely flipped on its head… her adjustments and entrainments are something on another level.”

“Since beginning care, I have become physically more capable of performing my job with less pain and fatigue. I have also had more clarity, ability to control my anxiety, and have stop taking medication…I finally feel like I have more control over how I feel.”

— Jodene A.

“I have more energy and an ability to breath. I know that I am OK to face what is thrown at me. I have more clarity, less brain fog, and overall stronger bodymind connection.”

— Ashley M.

“I no longer experience chronic pain. I can enjoy my every day life without discomfort. I also have better focus, creativity, digestion, and ability to fall asleep.”

— Mitzi M.

“Ever since I experienced this approach to chiropractic care, my long-time allergies have essentially disappeared.”

— Brenda C

“As a busy mom with 4 children, chiropractic helps my family and I stay well and of course, be the best mom I can be. We are SO grateful.”

— Andrea D