How to keep your spine and nervous system healthy this spring/winter…

Ready to surrender to the winter shoveling?
We get it…
Check out our latest video blog on HOW to keep your spine and nervous system HEALTHY this winter…

To keep it simple, focus on these 5 things….

  1. Be mindful! Most injuries occur when we are not actually THINKING about what we are doing (i.e. shoveling heavy snow while thinking about how much you need to get done at work tomorrow). Get in the shoveling zone, be present, and simply just be in the moment. You’d be surprised how much easier it becomes when you focus on the task at hand.

  2. Engage your CORE. Lift with your LEGS, NOT your BACK. Your lower body (quads, glutes, abdominals) are MUCH stronger than your tiny spinal muscles. Avoid twisting and instead, squat and lift.

  3. Try using both sides. This will help balance each side of your body AND (bonus) engage both hemispheres of your brain, getting you out of your old, subconscious patterns and habits.

  4. Dress warm - of course ;). AND remember you may sweat a little, so wear wicking layers to help keep you dry underneath.

  5. The MOST important - HAVE FUN! Make a game out of it, listen to music, invite your family and friends to help out, and/or find ways to play in the snow while taking a break.

Yours in health and hope,

Dr. Mel

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