4 Ways to begin to MASTER your Menstrual Cycle

Consider that one of the MAIN reasons you’re ???????????????? in the ???????????????????? is because those who came before you had a ???????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? ❣️⁣

(???????????? NO…????’???? NOT ????????????????????????????????.)⁣

When I first started chiropractic care, my cycles were a ???????????????? ????⁣

????????????????????-???????????????? ???????????????? every cycle (one episode so bad that put me in the hospital), ???????????????????? ???????????????????? flow, debilitating low back pain, ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????? that left me feeling ???????????????????????? (ask my fiancé). ⁣

I had accepted that this was how it was going to be the rest of my life. ⁣

The doctors told me that birth control should help…but after 5 years it just kept getting worse. ⁣

And one day after about 3 months of regular chiropractic care, I noticed something profound…⁣

No more low back pain (and this dude didn’t even touch my low back!), no more PMS, I felt more emotionally sound, easier flow, and I started shedding weight without even trying. ⁣

In that moment I decided that birth control was no longer for me. I felt innately connected and called to start finding other solutions to my challenges. ⁣

It’s been a journey, and I’m still on it. It’s not a quick fix and it takes a fierce commitment to yourself (and future generations if you choose to have kids).⁣

I share these basic strategies with you - as a woman who might be struggling, frustrated, and not sure where to start…⁣

1. ???????????????????? ???????????? ????????????????????????. Most conventional tampons and pads contain bleach which can disrupt not only your natural hormonal rhythms, but also disrupt the pH balance of your vagina, leading to a host of symptoms such as PMS, intense cramps, excess bleeding, and more. ???????? My go products are the @thedivacup and @modibodi menstrual underwear. ⁣

2. ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ???????????????? ????. Consider that taking synthetic hormones will impact your physiology (and there’s no avoiding it - ???????????????????????? ????????????????/???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????????? ????????????????????????, ????????????, ????????????????????????????????????, ???????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????? ???????????? ???????????? ???????? ???????????????????????????? ???????? ???????????? ????????????????). Don’t be afraid to have this conversation with your healthcare provider. You deserve to know how medications impact you and your physiology long-term. (Check out my Instagram stories???????? for more books???? on this topic).⁣

3. ???????????? ????????????????????, ???????????????? ????????????????. There are SO many foods out there that can help regulate and balance your hormones naturally (foods like avocados, nuts, seeds, beans, organic eggs, green leafy veggies, and grass-fed meat all contain essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to create and regulate your womanly hormones). Excess, refined sugar will only create more ???????????????????????????????????????????????? and mess with your beautiful flow. ⁣

4. ???????????? ???????????????? ???????????????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????? ????????????????????????????. When you’re out of alignment, this can cause STRESS in your nerve system, which leads to internal imbalances that go beyond skin deep - pelvic/low back pain, irregular flow, anxiety, hormonal imbalance, sciatica, indigestion, and more. When the system that runs your LIFE is functioning well, your body can begin to heal better form the inside out. ⁣

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