Magic of Your Moon:

Harness the power of your menstrual cycle

How does your energy, motivation and body change throughout a cycle? Our cycles are so much more than the time we spend in menstruation. Within Magic of the Moon, all phases will be honored and known. Integrative teaching and learning will be provided to sync your body, your mind and the flow of your energies. Harness and embrace the power and magic of your menstrual cycle.

Here’s a sneak peek of some topics:

???? Science and spirituality related to your cycle 

???? The benefits of listening to your cycle related to your life 

???? Overcoming current cultural misperceptions and beliefs 

???? Pain and pleasure cycles in your body 

???? Hormones and supportive food

???? Bodymind & emotions related to each phase of your cycle 


???? Myths and truth about honoring your flow

???? Movement for menstruation ????

???? How to structure your calendar to your rhythm and OWN the month

???? How to get all the “stuff done” while still honoring your energy during each phase of your cycle

???? Cycle consciousness and mindset

???? And MORE!

Current Cultural Problems & Menstrual Misperceptions

What stories and untruths have you been told that play a role in how you interact with your cycle? Have you been told that your body is broken? Have others told you your bodily symptoms are all in your head?

You are not alone in such experiences. We are here to share with you that while these words may be part of the cultural narrative, they do not have to be your reality. At this workshop, we are dedicated to guiding you towards more empowerment from the inside, out.

Together, we will let go of social reflections that influence the connection to our period and come back to truly embracing our feelings and personal experiences.

Self-Empowering Solutions:

What You Will Gain From This Workshop


You will gain confidence and greater knowing about the miracle that is your body. You will gain the knowledge and the power to nourish your mind and body and live in greater synchronicity with the changing energy we experience during each phase of our cycle. This includes movement, meals, rituals, conscious languaging and more!

Immerse yourself with a group of like-minded women so that you can feel safe, heard, seen, and empowered in all phases of womanhood.

The Details


Saturday February 4th, 2023 


Inspire Life Chiropractic Center,
750 Main St #108, Mendota Heights, MN 55118


Check-in: 9:00AM;
Workshop 9:30AM-4:30PM


Single: Early Bird: $247; Regular: $347
Mother/Daughter ticket: Early Bird: $300; Regular: $400

Number of seats: 20
In-person only

What’s Included:

  • Healthy Lunch
  • Snacks & Munchies
  • Tea and coffee
  • Moon magic kit: Organization tool for all the materials & learning you will receive so that we can naturally integrate the teachings of the day into our homes.

What to Bring:

  • Yoga mat
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Blanket & meditation pillow if you have/want one
  • Notebook

Here’s what others are saying about our workshops:

“This weekend was a masterpiece being painted…and I got to participate and add to that beauty.”

- Melissa S.

“It was pretty miraculous.”

- Megan M.

“I could write a whole book about my experience. If you feel like there is a piece of yourself, your soul that you feel you’ve been suppressing…this is a great place to come and explore WHY you’re not doing that. Stop judging yourself for not having done it yet and accept…receive the ability to live the rest of your life being what you want it to be.”

- Megan S.

“Words cannot express the safe, loving environment of this immersion.”

- Lori S.