The Unfortunate “Health Insurance” Trap

No amount of insurance is going to give you the true health from within you’re looking for. 

Ooof. I learned this this hard way growing up.

From the time I got my period until about age 17, every cycle I’d experience more and more menstrual issues…

Debilitating cramps.
Bleeding through to the bed. 
Massive mood swings. 
Extreme, irrational cravings.
Digestive concerns.

I went to a traditional medical doctor to seek help (as we all do unless we know otherwise).

She listened to my complaints, but never asked about my lifestyle like what foods I was consuming, my sex health, my goals, how much water I was drinking per day, my movement levels, emotional trauma, or my menstrual hygiene habits. 

Her solution - “Here..take this pill (aka birth control).”

So I took it for 6 years. 

It prevented me from getting pregnant, but it also prevented me from getting my cycle. 

After 3 years I noticed the old symptoms start to return and a few others (cause and effect is a really phenomenon in the universe). 

Weight gain.
Anger outbursts. 
Blood clots. 
More intense emotional waves. 
Depressive episodes. 
Emotional trauma and memories resurfacing. 

I thought it was normal. I also thought at times, “Am I crazy?” But I knew deep down something was off and that I needed to get to the cause. 

I choose not to listen to these additional symptoms from my body. I’d hear my alarm go off at 10pm, chase my pill with a shot of tequila (NOT recommended) and continue on with my life.

((If health is a value of yours, keep reading…))

There was one night I was in so much pain, I asked myself, “Why am I taking something that isn’t working anymore the way I thought it would?”

So I took myself off of it without the assistance of a professional (also probably not recommended).

And I went to work.

I read books, watched documentaries, studied articles, and started asking different questions. I discovered through my own self-study that the very symptoms I was trying to avoid were long-term effects of long-term consumption of such drugs.

The health results I was looking for ended up becoming my own responsibility, but I was a “broke college student.”

So I started simple.

I began with more daily intentional movement. I took the advice from experts who had done was I was looking to achieve - self-healing. I shifted in foods and herbs to support my flow. I started drinking more water and gave up the weekend binge drinking. I learned how to honor my body at different times of the month. I figured out how to make enough as a college student (or use my loans) to pay for holistic care. I was grateful the holistic doctors were willing to work with my budget to get the preventative healthcare insurance wasn’t willing to cover. 

I’ve dedicated my life to learning ways to heal my own body that I now teach to 100’s of clients per month. And I’ve seen transformational results not only in my own life, but the lives of the people I care for. 

It’s not always cheap AND there are some things I’ve learned along the way that you can implement now.

Water - start with half your bodyweight in oz. 
Movement - Higher intensity during ovulation, lower during menstruation
Breathwork - somatic breath into the areas of pain
Sound - create and make the sound of the tissues 
Emotion - journaling daily to move and release stored trauma
Food - studying herbs, seeds, and other foods that support my hormones; also daily juicing for a year straight

As my body healed, I sought out other practitioners who could facilitate healing the layers of stuck trauma in my body I experienced for many years.

I wish insurance were different, I really do. And I know a lot of my clients wish the same thing. 

Start simple. Start small. Just start.

You have more say in your health and healing choices in this very moment more than you know. It doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, but it doesn’t require your awareness, discipline, and presence with your own bodymind. 

I get it more than you know. And I see you on the other side. 

Just start somewhere. And if you need more support such as other specific strategies and books that have really served me and my clients, check out my Flo highlight on my main page for assistance. I made these trainings just for you.

With you every step of the way to self-reclamation and self-healing,

Dr. Mel

PS - I know I’ve been speaking on a course about this. I know it’s needed out there. And know it’s coming. As I sift through all the knowledge, I know it’ll come in perfect timing and divine order with ALL the information I wish I knew when I was 13 years old. Thanks for sticking with me on this - I love and appreciate you.

Thank you for reading the Inspire Life blog